Business Solutions

Aside from providing legal advice, our Business Solutions enhance business operations through the following services:

General Counsel Service:  We can designate one or more ‘outside general counsel’ from our group to cover the world for your business and to free up in-house counsel for mission critical strategic tasks, or you can off-load aspects of your legal docket to a single point of contact in any region where you company may be centered.

Outsourced Counsel Services: We also place counsel with companies for interim periods or specific projects to provide hands on daily assistance with special tasks or in between phases of business development.

Cross-Border Project Management: We provide counsel for companies needing coordination of particular cross-border projects such as Greenfield developments or property investments, where we can coordinate tax, environmental, legal and labor issues on the project under a single service structure.

Market Access and Investment Strategy: Identifying the right market and technical requirements of investment, as well as business partners, including investigating possible governmental funding options.

Corporate Development Services: Developing contacts and prospects for investing in or divestiture of companies or assets in multiple regions including assembling the right team of specialist advisors in the industry to assist in expediting the investment or disposition. 

Corporate Maintenance: Providing vital support for corporate governance, security and maintenance.