Cross Border Project Management

Our Cross Border Project Management Service organizes and manages clients’ resources while operating within competing constraints: scope, time and budget.

We manage and coordinate professional advisors, legal and non legal, on major projects where legal structure and ramifications are critical to the project’s success. 

Projects may include legal aspects of :

  • Global office consolidation
  • Greenfield investments
  • International property development
  • Setting up a new global purchasing system
  • Changing global incentive plans
  • Restructuring global management contracts
  • Standardizing agency and distribution relationships worldwide
  • Developing a strategy for meeting product specifications for entry into new markets
  • Opening offices in new locations including corporate and  employment advice

Many of these projects are business driven but require legal management to see the project through and avoid difficult pitfalls and liabilities, which we will provide, relieving overburdened in-house legal staff from spending too much time on one particular project.

While considering the challenges of the project we take appropriate steps to help you mitigate risk whether your project is a ‘one-off’ or recurring – within your scope, time and budget restrictions.