General Counsel / Outsourced Counsel Services

In today’s world, general counsel plays many roles: board advisor, risk assessor, company secretary, compliance officer, and business consultant among others. We can provide a global or regional international counsel dedicated to your business either on an as needed basis or by outsourcing the function to our group wherever required on a long or short term secondment basis.

General Counsel Service

By appointing Transatlantic Law as the client’s inside-outside counsel and single point of contact for the whole or a specific segment of the company’s legal business, this service can help maximize the efficiency of your company’s legal function.

For example, while you may have a central legal department in one country, you may need a regional counsel for Europe or Asia, or counsel in a specific country for particular projects or always on an as needed basis. By dedicating one lawyer to your business, we become an effective extension of your legal function and an additional strategic advisor where and when you need this most without incurring hourly fees. This can also be done on a practice group basis, for example, for matters from global antitrust to agency and distribution agreement to a branch of your global transaction docket to labor and employment law coverage.

Outsourced Counsel Service

For companies needing a full time solution without additional headcount, we can also provide a solution by designating the resources of a highly qualified international attorney for your own benefit. We achieve this solution by designating or hiring outsourced counsel as staff at an agreed annual rate and then dedicating that attorney’s time strictly to you. Our Outsourced Counsel Service features senior management and supervision as well as accountability across all projects. This service will be of particular interest to companies seeking to hire a dedicated lawyer on a fixed budget for specific projects or to handle a particular overload.

Whatever service model appeals to your needs, our team comprises legal specialists in more than 95 countries worldwide.