Global IP

Intellectual property may be the single most valuable asset of your business, whether you are in technology, manufacturing, the service industry, or any business that thrives on innovation and know how. 

Whatever your sector, the effective protection of your rights depends to a large extent on understanding what you have and developing and implementing the correct strategy and structure to protect it.

Our approach includes assisting clients to define, plan, and clarify how to manage their intellectual assets in line with strategic and global  business objectives including on specific transactions, assessing the commercial and legal drivers, limits and risks that impact these plans.  

Our team of global, regional and individual country specialists  guides and enables our clients to structure negotiate and conduct a full range of technology and IP transactions including strategic alliances; joint ventures; and technology licensing, development, resale, distribution, and bundling agreements and much more across a broad range of industries.  

We also regularly provide solutions in the context of acquisitions insolvency situations involving business partners; and employment and consultancy relationships on a regular basis so that your core assets are protected as much as possible in the context of how they are deployed.

In addition, our IP specialists are also litigators where necessary, with experience of enforcement on behalf of rights holders through the WIPO, and applicable judicial and non-judicial forums.

Our overall approach and goal is to remain pro-active and constant – expanding business protection as the business itself expands worldwide in line with your objectives.