Global Labor and Employment

Labor and employment law impacts every level of your organization.  

We provide specialist expertise and dedicated teams in over 95 countries committed to solving labor and employment law issues through one coordinated and cohesive service.

For more than 21 years we have served leading Fortune 500 companies, as well as global exchange listed companies, providing a truly global one stop L&E solution, and have demonstrated our ability globally to handle the largest and most complex cross-border labor reorganizations to the local day-to-day concerns. 

So much so that our L&E practice now has its own special division Labor Law Plus® - which combines global L&E capacity with the international business acumen of Transatlantic Law International. 

Labor Law Plus® covers among many other areas:

  • All labor aspects of mergers and acquisitions
  • Restructurings and plant shutdowns
  • All aspects of Global Mobility issues for executives
  • Greenfield developments
  • Opening offices and new employment worldwide
  • Governmental including EU and US federal and state labor regulation
  • Hiring policies, programs, and training
  • Immigration
  • Union and workers council agreements
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Discrimination
  • Outsourcing and service agreements
  • Day to day contracts and terminations
  • Coordinating tax, pension and cross-border transfer issues
  • Litigation and claims management

Sample Projects:

We act for a number of the largest US and European companies as global labor and employment counsel providing complete coverage from contract and handbook drafting to labor union and works council advice to cross-border and local termination counseling and preventive counseling.

We provide complete labor and employment due diligence and analysis on global regional and country mergers & acquisitions on a regular basis.

We regularly advise on global mobility issues for leading corporations including corporate structuring, new employments, dual employment and secondment structures, transfers, short and long-term assignments, policies, practices and post-termination covenants as well as immigration issues.

We coordinate all labor and employment work across multiple regions for one of the US's largest media companies including restructuring, labor compliance and all attendant corporate and labor work among other business law projects.

We serve as global labor and employment counsel on senior management issues for one of the largest and most profitable privately held companies in Europe.

We open, close and restructure offices regularly for multinationals, addressing all attendant labor issues.

We negotiate pay packages and severance agreements for senior managers, advising companies on standard terms and discretionary plans globally in accordance with local working conditions.

As a group, we also regularly advise multinational and local companies on cross-border and local labor and employment litigation in all regions of the world.

And of course, we can cover all the related business law aspects inherently linked with L&E including opening and closing offices, restructuring, M&A and changes in business triggering labor adjustments from the shop floor to the boardroom.

We Do L&E Faster and In More Locations Than Anyone – And More.

That’s Why We’re Labor Law Plus®.

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