Our Values & Philosophy

Working only with lawyers who understand business, we believe in working as an extension of your team, thus breaking down the barriers between your team and ‘outside’ counsel.

Not surprising.  As we were founded by in-house global counsel with exactly that approach in mind, we believe in :

Inside Not Outside: We undertake assignments with an inside business perspective while maintaining an objective approach to what we need to do for you to accomplish your objectives - without ‘over-lawyering’ your requirements and by controlling costs of our own teams. We keep it simple.

No Nasty Surprises: We believe in making life easier for our clients. Our innovative market beating cost structure and our central management and coordination ensures that our clients never get any nasty surprises. Something traditional law firms can’t always deliver.

Managing Resources for Value: Our business IS to both deliver advice and results and manage our global teams to do the same by making sure only the right resources and the right talent are applied to your needs in the way you want. And because of our structure you are only paying for what you require – not the high overheads of traditional international service firms.

Finding Solutions Is Our Job: We will deliver results even in specialties and places where we do not have current coverage. We constantly move with our clients and understand the importance of bridging international gaps. We find answers and we deliver solutions where and when you need them.

Everywhere Business Needs to Be®: In a globalized word our ability to service requirements everywhere - and to keep expanding to find the best answers for your business - is a major indicator of our unique ability to assist our clients’ needs - helping to increase market share, improve profit margins, and tackle the competition.