Terms of Service

Important – Please Read

Any work undertaken by Transatlantic Law International Limited or by any of our affiliated firms or providers working with us is subject to Transatlantic Law International Limited's current Terms and Conditions of Service, including our limitations of liability which apply to all services worldwide with or without a formal written retention agreement once we have provided any advice or commenced work at your request.

While providing a global integrated service, Transatlantic Law International is not a partnership or a joint venture of independent law firms and counsel.

As per our terms and conditions, Transatlantic Law International Limited, as the global legal service provider, is responsible for its own advice and the management and delivery of all services while our affiliated firms and providers also are responsible to you for their own advice within the limitations of our single global Terms and Conditions of Service, which can be amended by us from time to time.

Any variations from our Terms and Conditions of Service must be approved in advance by Transatlantic Law International Limited in writing to be effective.

Billing is also centralized globally so that our services are aligned as a group and can be addressed immediately. This structure ensures accountability and responsiveness as well as enhances our ability to meet our clients' cost requirements.

For a copy of our current Terms and Conditions of Service, please contact us at: inquire@transatlanticlaw.com.