Central and Eastern Europe

Since the admission of multiple countries in the region to the EU, Central Europe continues to offer opportunities in manufacturing, nearshore service centres, software & technology development and property development, making the region a compelling investment marketplace after the global recession.

Our Central European practice with a hub in Prague, provides a one stop shop for corporate and commercial expertise for the entire region (except Russia, Ukraine and Poland, which are coordinated from London), connecting into key cities such as Belgrade, Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Vilnius, Sarajevo, Sofia, Tallinn and Zagreb.

We can assign a team for your business in any country, or you may choose to have the local matter handled out of our Prague affiliate so that you do not have to manage the process in an unfamiliar and rapidly changing legal environment given ongoing adaption and interpretation of EU regulations.

The Central Europe team comprises experienced multi-lingual counsel and consultants from around the world with many years of expertise in the region and across Europe and other key jurisdictions worldwide.

By combining global expertise with the cultural familiarity and cost advantages of a regional firm, the team can deliver answers that are amenable to your developing or ongoing investment strategy in Central Europe's continuing emerging economy. 

For more information contact :

Radka Konečná, Coordinator Central Europe