United Kingdom

Our practice covers all United Kingdom jurisdictions, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with full-service teams in each of these jurisdictions.

Services include the full range of business law, from M&A to restructuring, corporate law, start-ups and shut downs, regulatory law, property, labor and employment law, commercial law, litigation, and more.

We cover a wide range of industries including heavy manufacturing, software, hardware, biotech, biopharm, data and media, dotcom services, consumer, medical, travel, dot coms, green energy and many other UK businesses

Examples of recent work include:

  • Acquisition of complex software company for billion-dollar US multinational
  • Acquisition of sale of travel industry related practise in Wales
  • Acquisition of specialty paper industry company in Scotland for global multinational
  • Acquisition and sale of numerous distributorship countries throughout the UK
  • Completion of three continent UK law based internal reconstruction of global technology company under UK law
  • Opening of UK subsidiaries for multiple multinationals including property, commercial and labour and employment set up
  • Advising global biotechnology company on Covid supply contracts with the National Health insurance for global medical equipment company
  • Covering all UK aspects of the disposition of a global data industry division
  • Advising on complex high-level negotiations for reduction of workforce and key executives
  • Strategizing high stakes cross border litigation for UK Channel Islands based investment fund against US multinational in the US

While there are variances within the United Kingdom between Northern Ireland, Wales, Scottish and English law,  we are able to cover all aspects with our teams based in Belfast, Edinburgh, and in England and Wales.